Many neighborhoods have difficulty with cranky neighbors. Our neighborhood seems to be blessed with some nuclear powered crankiness. This bad, bullying behavior has consequences. People have been harmed. Projects have been threatened.

The main perpetrator is a person named Mary Arnett, a self-styled citizen activist.

The problem is, Mary and her cohorts tend to operate out of sight, in email and meetings, where they aren’t held accountable for their actions. (By the way, this “cohorts” network is very small — just three people. But they sure are persistent, and wreak a lot of havoc.)

My goal here is to fulfill the words of Justice Brandeis, and bring a little sunlight to the situation. These people have been acting badly, without repercussion, because they act under the cover of protection. So, let’s remove the cover and let the community judge the actions of these email warriors.

I’m Chip Rosenthal, a resident of the North Shoal Creek neighborhood. I’m solely responsible for this website. The opinions here are my own, and should not be associated with any other person or organization.

The basic principles I’ll follow are:

  • The goal of these posts is not to harass or humiliate, but rather to hold people accountable for actions that have persisted away from public scrutiny.
  • I will focus on public actions, and avoid discussion of personal issues or peccadilloes.
  • When I characterize or report the actions of a person, I will try to provide supporting documentation so its veracity can be ascertained, and endeavor to ensure my posts are accurate.
  • I will try to respect privacy, and sometimes will obfuscate the identify of people peripherally involved.
  • Also with respect to privacy, I’ll try to minimize the posting of private correspondence, and focus on public emails — those sent to lists or public officials.

Comments are enabled on this website, and I welcome your feedback — pro or con. (So far, the only comment I’ve rejected was from a television producer trawling for show guests — seriously!)